Design proposal for a Doctor of Honor Diploma at The University of Antwerp

The idea of the design is to make a diploma that easily will be recognized for what it is, one that has a fresh yet timeless feel to it, by combining classical and modern elements. Using standardized fonts and a font that resemble the handwritten part - the name of the doctor of honor - that were found in diplomas from previous times, in order to get a hint to the history of this honorable achievement.

In order to visually connect the new doctor of honour to the university, the name of doctor + Doctor Honoris Causa are set in the colours of the university, the blue and the red.

The decoration used comes from the little toga pin, on which the logo of the university is placed as a symbol. This could be changed into the same pattern as for the pin, as shown here a continuous line of dashes, but can also be in any of the other patterns for which the specific pin has been designed for, all accordingly to the related doctorate.

Depending on which department the diploma is connected to - the decoration will be in the colour of the faculty. By making the quote in the same colour too, it further combines the achievement with the faculty of the university, as well as becoming a natural frame for the rest of the text, visually.